Blady Grass (often called Cutty Grass) control in many areas of Australia, can be a nightmare to control and detrimental to pastures when using normal spraying techniques. However, it is possible to kill with the above machine – check out the results here –

Blady Grass Herbicide or Chemical control

While getting the correct herbicides or chemicals for effective Blady Grass control is important, it is also just as important that the Weedwiper for targeting and controlling Blady Grass is built for the job so you are not let down in the paddock. 

A popular alternative to a linkage sprayer, due to its targeted approach this robust Weedwiper certainly makes life easier when it comes to Blady Grass weed control and saves a lot on chemical costs. 

Using a Weedwiper for Blady Grass and other tough weeds such has Grader grass is simple and have the peace of mind to know that weedwiping is an environmentally responsible approach. 

How to control Blady Grass

Save your pasture with a targeted approach to Blady Grass weed control. The Redback Weedwiper is renowned for its high weed kill rate on blady grass and many other weed types that are otherwise difficult to control. 

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