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REDBACK Weedwiper


  • 3 common sizes with folding wings to navigate gateways/ races and for compact shed storage
  • Built for farmers - Robust frame and wheel configuration
  • Durable long lasting carpet wicks - saves money
  • Hitch and go – standard tow ball coupling with anti-theft feature
  • Designed specially to work behind a range of Vehicles. Well suited to ATV's, Utility Vehicles, Ute/ 4WD and tractors.
  • Wheels on pivoting wings - rides through contours effortlessly
  • 24 month warranty = peace of mind
  • Front End loader and 3 point linkage mounted options

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Info & Specs

REDBACK WeedwiperWeedwiper Special Deals & Pricing

Commonly known in the early years as a wick wiper, this weed wiping machine is ideal for pasture and cropping applications where weeds are a problem.

No weeds stay standing for long after meeting the robust Redback Weedwiper!

By selectively wiping just the weeds – You save your chemical, save your time and you save your pasture!

Why is the Redback Weedwiper so effective at killing pasture weeds?

We have so many unique features that make the Redback Weedwiper a superior weed control option for Australian farmers. Here are a few key features you will love:

  • Unique wick soaking system makes it easy to keep the wicks wet without dripping damage to your pasture. 
  • Two rows of thick durable wicks make it easy to apply weed killer chemical to weeds
  • Hand winder (in front of the tank) makes for quick & easy finer height adjustment
  • Bruise bar on front of wiper, damages weed to give better chemical penetration
  • Strong hot-dipped galvanised box section steel construction is very robust.
  • Pivoting wings on the 4.8m & 6.2m model’s,  fold up for storage and driving through gateways. (see below pictures)

The Weed kill rate with the Redback Weedwiper is consistently between 80-95%  (see below customer feedback) 

What types of weeds does it kill?

This Weedwiper is often the key eliminator of nasty weeds that can be otherwise difficult to control.  Some of the most common Australian weeds  it is used to control are Thistles, Bracken, Gum shoots, Wattle, Rushes & Tussocks including Poa & Serrated Tussock, Blady grass, Setaria Grass,  Fireweed, African Love Grass, Rats tail and Paramatta grass . Our weed control support team will help you to learn more about controlling your particular weed type  using the Redback Weedwiper . Contact them via our online form or call on 1800 836313

Is the Redback Weedwiper easy to use?

The Redback Weedwiper is available in multiple sizes and is designed so it it easy to use for many different applications and pasture sizes. 

Simply add your favourite weed control chemicals and water to the 50l tank, then pump the mix into wicks until they are soaking wet using our simple pump control. The last job is to set the Weedwiper wicks at the desired height  and off you go!

What size towing vehicle do you need to use a weed wiper?

You can tow the Redback Weedwiper behind behind almost any vehicle. Our trailed models work perfectly with your UTV, quad bike, Tractor or even your Ute. And our three point linkage and FEL mounted add-on options can be used with most tractors.    

What sizes can you buy and how high do they go?

We offer three Weedwiper products that are available to purchase Australia wide.  They are 2.4m (8′),  4.8m (16′) and 6.2m (20’2″) – Which folds to a  2.5m/ 8ft transport width.  Wiping heights on trailing models are up to 500mm or to 700mm if requested. 

What do you get with your Redback Weedwiper?

All sizes come complete with the 50l tank, 12v pump & wiring loom,  agricultural spec wheels, tow ball coupling, and wicks.

How much do they cost and what are the shipping options?

We freight direct to you or you can collect your Weedwiper from our warehouse’s in key locations around Australia.  The cost of your Redback Weedwiper will depend on the size and model that is best for your application, and where you live. (Shipping Costs) The current price shown on this page is the price for our 2.4m model complete with 50l tank, 12v pump & wiring loom,  agricultural spec wheels, tow ball coupling, and wicks. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss other models and price options – the representative for your area will respond promptly.  If you are in a hurry and would like to purchase your Weedwiper right now, you can do so here online. 


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From AUD $5260 (Excl GST)

From AUD $5786 (Incl GST)

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Prompt Dispatch

Want a fast turnaround? No problem. With most popular products held in stock, we can dispatch within 24 hours. 


REDBACK is a brand farmers trust. All our products are made with high quality materials in New Zealand,  built to suit the often harsh New Zealand and Australian farming conditions.


We know no job is the same. If you have a specific need, our expert team are here to help to ensure
we find the right solution for you.

Call toll free on 1800 836 313


Works well for me especially with tussock.

Peter - QLD

The owners and staff of Redback were great to deal with. The communication and advice was excellent, and the product we selected, the Weedwiper, has been a brilliant addition to our needs on the farm, having manually sprayed for years it cuts down time and effort dramatically. The unit’s effectiveness has had everyone on the farm sincerely impressed. I would recommend the unit to anyone with a weed problem across large tracts of land, and Redback to deal with when you have a farming problem.

Greg - NSW

Excellent service informative salespeople pleasant experience.

Sheila - VIC

They went out of their way to arrange delivery that suited us and it’s a fundamentally good product.

Marcus - VIC

Sturdy equipment, ease of operation, built for purpose. Overall a great piece of equipment.

Stephen - NSW

Well made product, offer of ongoing technical support and, prompt delivery, will be good value for money

Phil - VIC

It’s a great reliable and easy to use piece of equipment.

David - NSW

Good to talk to pre-sale. Prompt delivery. Solidly built and well-designed piece of machinery

Simon - NSW

I have been consistently achieving a 95% kill rate. I absolutely love it!

Bill - VIC

The Redback follows the contours with the wheels which is fabulous… No more chemical spill due to breakages. The double wipe allows a much better kill rate and the bruise bar helps the penetration. So the Redback has a far higher kill rate. On our paddocks it has been as high a 95% and the least has been 80%. I would recommend the Redback Weedwiper

Lynn - QLD

We are very pleased with the weedwiper.  It took me about 3-4 tankloads to work out how often and for how long I need to pump the herbicide onto the wicks then I was cool and groovy!!  Have had an 85-90% kill rate with the wiping of our tussocks

Sarah - NSW

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