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Redback Drag Weight

REDBACK Drag Weights

Redback Drag Weights  Make your harrows more aggressive with these detachable cast drag...

REDBACK Roller Transporter

REDBACK Roller Transporter

Redback Roller Transporter Transport your Roller from farm to farm the easy way!  Ideal for...

REDBACK Heavy Duty Quick Hitch

Redback Heavy Duty 3 point linkage quick hitch/tow hitch drawbar – 60kgs Proven performer...

REDBACK Standard 3 Point Linkage Drawbar

Redback Standard 3 Point Linkage Drawbar – tow hitch Commonly used with standard trailing...

Three point linkage tow hitch drawbar

REDBACK Three Point Linkage Tow Hitch Drawbar

Redback Three Point Linkage Tow Hitch Drawbar  (As shown in the tractor harrow video) for...

Redback Tow Chains Pair

REDBACK Towing Chains

Tow chains, for Plain Chain Seed Cover Harrows. The chains come as a pair for even towing...

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