Do sharp mower blades cut grass better?

Yes, sharp blades commonly as seen on the Redback tow-behind mowers make a big difference, to the finish of your pasture.

In high growth times, grass can get clumpy,  only sharper blades will cut with minimum strain on your slasher or mower.

You will be able to mower faster and achieve a better result with sharper blades. so yes sharp mower blades definitely cut grass better.

To better understand why sharper mower blades make a difference, take note of the following:

  • Torn Grass Edges: Nicked or blunted mower blades will only smash grass on the cut edges. It means, instead of clean straight cuts, your house paddocks will end up with torn patchy grass with similar results to a flail mower. You don’t want to have an unsightly house paddock, do you?
  • Dried Grass: Torn grass means a few days following your mowing; the mown pastures becomes brown as the grass dries on the torn edges.
  • Diseases and Pests: Unfortunately, smashed, torn, and brown grass is susceptible to diseases and pest invasion, this can increase pasture maintenance costs a little high. We bet you don’t want to go that route, at least not now.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a well built and well designed Redback Mower