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An estimated 120 million dollar question – and what everyone wants to know is ‘how do we control thistles forever?’  With advanced sprayer technology and high performance Weedwipers  – it is possible to efficiently keep on top of thistles and other weeds on small to large farms, where ever you are in Australia.  

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How to kill thistles in pasture?

Should I kill thistles by a targeted approach such as Weedwiping or Spot spraying , chipping (manual removal) or boom spray with a selective chemical.

  • Weedwiping is now become one of the most popular and sort after methods for weed control including thistle management. Watch a demonstration video here. 
  • Spot spraying thistles will also create a brown patch of pasture where the seeds are likely to come back.
  • Chipping is effective only if you have less than an acre of infestation – it it simply too labor intensive for areas over 1 acre 
  • Boom spraying is effective but often means loosing or damaging pasture growth and heath risks that come with spraying chemical.

Will 2,4-D kill thistles?

Using 24-D in pastures is widely considered successful at killing thistles, but unfortunately it is successful in killing other broadleaf’s such as clover and has been reported to kill or at least stunt your pasture growth wherever that spray has made contact

What is the best herbicide to kill thistles?

The best herbicide to kill thistles can depend on your applicator – if you use a Weedwiper such as the Redback Weedwiper the best herbicide can often be Round up or another non-selective weed killer. But people will use Grazon and Ester or Amine herbicide as their thistle weed killer. 

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Redback is not a official chemical expert or supplier – however is happy to pass on what their customer are using through their weed control machines. 



Thistle control Australia

Thistle control – thanks to the Redback Weedwiper