Redback Agri will be at FarmFest QLD field days, talking pasture improvement & weed control best practice, making the daily lives of farmers & lifestyle block owners easier & more profitable. Talk to the team at Redback Agri site K36 to learn more and check out the range of Redback Chain Harrows & Weedwipers available for immediate purchase.

What an excellent event this was. 

Couldn’t believe how cold it could get in Queensland Australia.   By the end of day two, it was snowing down in Stanthorpe, NSW and day three of the event was officially titled “the coldest fieldday ever” by the guy on the stand next to the Redback site.  (The poor guy had never been to New Zealand fielddays

However this cooler weather didn’t bring any disappointment, the farmers and land owners were out in force and some customers had driven for 5 hours to see and discuss the Redback Weedwiper and Chain Harrows options with the Redback team

This event was closely followed by an intensified drought… However Redback Agri customers who had purchased their Chain Harrows at the Farmfest feilddays were in a good position to get nitrogen and pasture in the ground with low input costs,  with the help of a well designed Chain Harrow. 

Wishing you had Redback Chain Harrows or maybe a Redback Weedwiper to take the headache out of your Weed control practices? 

Contact Redback with your questions – your area manager will get back to you quickly.