First and foremost: check the quality of the wicks – are they a durable material? (If, not they are likely to need replacing).

  • Strong carpet felt wicks are durable and hard to tear


How much will replacement wicks cost? Check with the manufacturer and ask how often they need to be replaced and make a note of this so you can hold them accountable.

  • You want a low ongoing cost with minimal maintenance!


Is there a flush system for the chemical lines? If not you will likely need to replace the lines on a used weed wick wiper.

  • Joining the hose to the flush lines is a quick and easy way to keep your Weedwiper in top condition saving you time and money on replacing the lines.


Check the tyre pressure and suitability for your terrain.

  • Rushes and thorny plants are tough on the Weedwiper and therefore you will save money within a couple of years by investing in a well-built machine.


How easy will it be for you to use? Is it a simple design or complex?  Does it come with an instruction manual?


Talk to someone with a machine similar to what you are investing in – this is where you get true feedback, not just sales talk in a dealers yard.

  • Ask the manufacturer who in your area has a similar machine


From here you can decide on the ongoing cost of the Weedwiper and if it is worth the risk of buying a Weedwiper without a warranty or buying new with a decent warranty and customer service back up – because even with something as simple as a Weedwiper, things can go wrong and you want to deal with someone who knows and understands the machines.


Check out the video below of the Strong, Efficient & Simple REBDACK Weedwiper!


REDBACK Weedwiper