Cape Tulip control

Cape Tulip control in many parts of Australia, namely SA and WA can be a headache and detrimental to pastures when using normal spraying techniques.

While getting the correct herbicides for effective Cape Tulip control is important,  it is also just as important that the sprayer/ weedwiper for Cape Tulip control is built for the job. 

A popular alternative to a linkage sprayer, this robust Weedwiper takes the headache out of cape tulip weed control… Even target those chemical-resistant weeds, with this easy to use & environmentally responsible approach – renowned for its high weed kill rate.

A targeted approach to weeds with the Redback Weedwiper enables you to achieve a high weed kill rate. Get in contact with us to discuss your weed types and get some relevant tips to get on top of your weed situation.

REDBACK Weedwiper

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