Are you sowing seed?  Or wanting to do some patch up jobs?

When it comes to over sowing or ‘stitching’ in new pastures…

Do a good job in the limited time you have, by using the REDBACK Triangle & Chain Harrows. (Tractor or ATV Harrow versions available)
These Chain Harrows will provide the tilth, leveling & finishing action, all in one go.

1) Use the maximum aggression of the spikes to scratch up the soil surface – allowing the seed to penetrate the surface. (note this harrow is designed not to pull out new pastures)
2) Broadcast the seed on with a spinner/ fert spreader or by hand.
3) Do another pass with the harrows to incorporate/ cover over the seed.

REDBACK Triangle & Chain Harrows

This is the most cost effective way to incorporate new pastures into old tired pastures.

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