What are the benefits of manure spreading?

“Harrowing (dragging) your pasture after grazing, breaks up manure and evenly distributes the nutrients in the manure. Breaking apart manure piles prevents grass from being smothered by manure. Dispersing manure piles also helps control parasites and pest insects, such as flies, who prefer fresh manure for laying their eggs and survive for days within the moist middle of manure. Breaking apart piles exposes fly and parasite larvae to sunlight, which drys them out and kills them. A harrow with teeth or tines may be adjusted to tear up the ground more aggressively which may be useful if you are planning on overseeding any pastures.”

Source – How Green is Your Grass? Pasture and Grazing Management

When is the best time to harrow?

While there are no clear right and wrongs with harrowing timing, it is proven that when there is moisture you can get optimum results. It is good practice to use chain harrows in paddocks the stock have been in within two days, this practice will allow releasing of nitrogen and nutrients into the soil maximising the benefit of good pasture regrowth. With a Redback Harrow this is not critical as the aggressive nature of the scarifying spikes combined with the middle smasher bar will allow effective break down of hard and dry manure.

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